COVID 19 Antigène Rapide Kit Télé-Test Depistage | 1



This test kit is designed for travellers. The rapid antigen test is accepted for entry into the United States and other countries (please verify with your destination) and/or is accepted for re-entry into Canada. Each test is done at your location via Tele-test. Customers will be given a self-administered testing kit to be processed while being observed by one of our trained professionals via online video chat.

How does it work? 

  1. Purchase the Retour Covid-19 Antigen test kit
  2. Select Pick-up location when completing the purchase
  3. Test-kit MUST be picked up in advance
  4. Book your tele-testing appointment (Order confirmation number must be included in order to schedule)
  5. Attend your virtual appointment
  6. Take a picture of your completed test
  7. Submit the completed test picture HERE

Need more info? Contact Us

Tele-Test Kit contains:

  • 1x Rapid Antigen test cassette
  • 1x Buffer + extraction tube
  • 1x Nasal swab
  • 1x Instructions + submission card

***Each traveller must complete their own waiver form.

***All information must be accurate, or your test results may be invalid.



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